Wisconsin CPA Elder Care Services

James L. Hintzke, CPA is your New Berlin and Rhinelander, Wisconsin Certified Senior Advisor providing CPA Elder Care Planning Services. Elder Care Planning is all about FAMILY - assisting seniors and their adult children caregivers in planning for their long term care and related issues of aging. After dealing with my aging parents over the years, I realized how uninformed the senior community is when dealing with aging and financial issues.

As we mature, the relationship between financial needs and life style choices can become increasingly complex. As your CPA Elder Care Services professional, I can help you better see and understand "the big picture", so you can make your best decisions in your retirement years. New Berlin and Rhinelander, WI CPA Elder Care Services can be of special benefit to time-pressed families who want to help a loved one maximize and maintain their independence. CPA Elder Care Services is especially valuable in helping families come together to make sound, caring decisions.

Value-Added Wisconsin CPA Elder Care Services

Our New Berlin and Rhinelander, Wisconsin Elder Care Planning services provide the resources, strategies, and solutions to assist both the senior community and their children (as caregivers) in addressing the issues of long-term care. Due to our extensive network of senior care providers, I can harness the knowledge and experience of elder law planning attorneys, retirement communities, care managers, and other senior care professionals.

Issues associated with long term care which I address may include but are not limited to:

Have You Talked to Your Parents Lately?

As the adult child of aging parents, have you talked to your parents about retirement living options, lifestyle security, creating wills and trusts, legal and financial issues, and funeral wishes and arrangements? If the situation arises, do you know where your parents’ important records are kept?

If you’ve answered “no” to any of these questions, you’re not alone. It’s tough to watch your parents age and lose the ability to manage their own affairs, much less step in and help them out especially when finances are concerned.

Although sensitive, the best time to discuss these subjects is long before they are needed. The biggest mistake families make is waiting too long. What happens when a parent is admitted to the hospital with a medical crisis or when a parent dies? What sometimes happens is a mad scramble to find life insurance policies and bank account information. And what happens if your parent becomes incapacitated? Court action is sometimes required to take over the financial affairs of the parent.


Integrity, expertise, accountability, confidentiality is what the profession is all about. My training as a Certified Public Accountant makes me uniquely qualified to offer an independent, accurate assessment of your financial resources and how they are managed. I do not sell investments, just advice! With over thirty years of experience in handling tax and financial matters, these services become another part of planning your financial future and realizing the tax implications of choices you make.

Elder Care Planning Services Associated with:


If you outsource your fiduciary accounting needs to me, I can ensure that all fiduciary accountings are in compliance with Wisconsin Probate and Estate Tax Laws. I know how to navigate the Wisconsin Department of Revenue channels to apply for and receive the proper Closing Certificates. Probate attorneys frequently utilize my services to effectively handle final court accountings and fiduciary income tax return preparation.

My Fiduciary Accounting Services include:


Tracking down financial data can be overwhelming, particularly while confronted with the emotional trauma of dealing with a loved one's death. Even when death is anticipated, few survivors are prepared for the extent of the paperwork, procedures, and decision making that follows.

I assist surviving spouses and their families in locating and analyzing important financial and legal documents by working with the myriad of paperwork, collecting and sorting data, changing titles, addressing insurance issues, and determining what funds are available for a survivor.

I further assist surviving spouses by:

As a Certified Senior Advisor, Jim is sensitive to Elder Life planning issues. Jim is known in the community for – his integrity, expertise, accountability and confidentiality, as well as his special understanding of how financial decisions affect one’s lifestyle choices. He has been in practice for over 30 years within the New Berlin and Rhinelander communities and surrounding areas.

He is also a knowledgeable speaker in the senior community and actively visits retirement communities to extend his training and support to residents. Additionally, Jim is trained in financial elder abuse situations. James L. Hintzke, CPA is dedicated to helping seniors – and their adult children make more informed decisions during their retirement years.