New Berlin & Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Tax - Retirement - Business - Elder Care Services

James L. Hintzke, CPA is your New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin tax, business, retirement, and elder care planning advisor.

James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander provides Wisconsin CPA services with a high level of personal attention for individuals, businesses, and families.

New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Tax Services for Individuals:

  1. Tired of preparing your own tax returns?
  2. Unsure of tax differences between Federal and Wisconsin income tax returns?
  3. Has your spouse passed away this year and you need assistance in preparing your returns?
  4. Unsure if you are realizing the maximum tax deductions and credits allowed by law?
  5. Just moved to Wisconsin from another state?
  6. My child started college this year. What tuition tax credits apply?

New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Tax Services for Businesses:

  1. Thinking about starting a new business and don’t know where to turn for advice?
  2. How can I save tax money for my business?
  3. How do you squeeze out tax refunds when a business is closed down?
  4. My business is profitable, but why do I still have cash flow concerns?
  5. How do I depreciate my newly acquired business?
  6. How do I know which product lines in my business are still profitable?

New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Services for Retirement Planning:

  1. Are you concerned about planning for retirement but have not started yet?
  2. Has the recent economic recession taken away from the desire to continue saving for retirement?
  3. Do you understand how planning for and funding a ROTH IRA account can provide additional financial flexibility during your retirement years?
  4. Do you understand how your sources of income, income taxes, inflation, as well as your life span can impact your retirement assets?

New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Services for Elder Care Planning:

  1. What are your tax obligations as a Personal Representative when a loved one passes away?
  2. Do you have a Will and Power of Attorney in place?
  3. Who will handle your financial and healthcare decisions if you become ill or disabled?
  4. Have you been suddenly faced with caring for an elderly parent or relative and don’t know where to start financially?
  5. Does it seem lately that your parents are asking more questions than ever about their healthcare needs, housing options, investment decisions, Will, POA’s, etc…and you are unsure how to answer?
  6. Are you worried about your elder parents’ ability to cope with the financial burdens of everyday living?