Unsure of changing tax laws and how they affect your tax return? Our New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA tax preparation services “squeeze out” the anxiety.

Our Wisconsin Tax CPA services will help you minimize penalties and negotiate settlements to get the IRS off your back --and get your life back on track.

Our business services help you create a “playbook” for your business so you can outrun the competition and defend against unpredictable events.

Take control of your life with our retirement planning services. It’s never too EARLY to start retirement planning.

Our CPA ElderCare Services assist seniors and their adult children caregivers in planning for their long term care costs and the related issues of aging.

Tax Problem Resolution from New Berlin & Rhinelander Certified Public Accountant

Can’t get the IRS off your back?

IRS audits, garnishments, unfiled returns—every tax problem has a resolution and ignoring your tax problems will not make them disappear. James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander, can minimize your tax liabilities, negotiate settlements, and resolve aggressive collection efforts. I represent individual tax payers and businesses experiencing tax distress throughout all Northern WI communities.

HIRE the CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back

I have extensive expertise in assisting individual taxpayers, businesses, and seniors with the following issues when dealing with the Internal Revenue Service and Wisconsin Department of Revenue:Wisconsin Department of Revenue CPA

Serving Taxpayers in Distress throughout ALL Northern Wisconsin Communities

James L. Hintzke, CPA, serves both New Berlin and Rhinelander and has been providing specialized tax services for more than 30 years. As an expert in tax problem resolution, retirement planning, and eldercare planning, there is no reason to fear the IRS and procrastinate on fixing issues that are never going to solve themselves when neglected. Further areas of specialization include individual federal and state tax income preparation, business federal and state tax preparation, and estate and trusts tax preparation.


Value-Added New Berlin and Rhinelander Wisconsin CPA Services

My CPA expertise and CPA services extend far beyond the traditional tax and accounting services to include value-added services. My client focus is concentrated on individuals, businesses, and families. James L. Hintzke, CPA has a special understanding of how financial decisions affect one’s lifestyle choices.

Rhinelander Accounting Office


Rhinelander Accounting Services in Northern Wisconsin

CPA Elder Care Financial Planning Services in Wisconsin

Serving Wisconsin's senior community and their adult children caregivers

James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander, specializes in financial and tax planning for Elder Life aging issues and estate preservations. With a special understanding of how financial decisions affect one’s lifestyle choices, James L. Hintzke, CPA is dedicated to helping seniors and family caregivers plan for the future. Our CPA Elder Care Services can help you make your best choices, so you or someone you love can get the most out of life. From determining the assets you need to maintain your lifestyle, to ensuring the legal documents such as financial and healthcare powers of attorney and wills are in place, we will provide the elder care resources, strategies, and solutions to help you make the financial decisions to ease your mind and shed a new light on living well. Learn more about our Elder Care Services or contact us to find out how our CPA Elder Care Services can make a difference for you.


New Berlin and Rhinelander CPA Jim Hintzke is available to clients that need estate and trust administration assistance, and to attorneys who outsource their estate and trust fiduciary accounting and tax preparation workload. CPA Jim Hintzke has extensive experience coordinating the estate, tax and accounting issues involved with the administration of estates and trusts.

Did you know that as an executor or trustee you are a Fiduciary? A fiduciary has an obligation to account for all assets, expenses and financial matters related to the estate or trust. As a Fiduciary, you are responsible for protecting the financial interests of the remainder and income beneficiaries of the estate or trust.

Jim Hintzke CPA is well experienced to handle fiduciary accountings for estates, trusts, guardianships and conservatorships. LEARN MORE ABOUT WISCONSIN ESTATE AND TRUST ADMINISTRATION…


If you answered NO to this question, you need to call Jim Hintzke, CPA, to schedule your Retirement Wellness Visit today! It is never too late to plan for retirement; however, the sooner planning starts, the more FINANCIALLY PREPARED you are likely to feel when the time arrives.

The following are a few questions and concerns raised with recent retirement planning clients to help them plan their retirement more efficiently with piece of mind:

I Plan As Though Your Retirement Is Tomorrow!

Whether you are in the early phases of your career or actively contemplating retirement, self-employed or an employee, it’s never too late to put a plan of action into place to prepare for the years when you will no longer be receiving a payroll check.

And so, even though the day after today may not be your retirement day, Jim Hintzke CPA can help you plan your cash needs in retirement, assess your retirement savings balances today, and help you adjust your savings rate to meet your future cash needs. Jim works closely with every age group.

Let’s face it, most taxpayers I meet just do not have enough saved up to this point, so I help you readjust your ability to save more into the future. Since guaranteed pensions are almost obsolete, and the social security system faces reform, the strongest savings tool most employees and self-employed have are pretax savings plans, such as 401(K) plans and Self Employed Pension Plans. These plans allow you to save a lot of money and income taxes annually.

Retirement statistics indicate that 10,000 baby boomers a day will turn 65 over the next 10 years and are looking for guidance. Jim Hintzke CPA is the CPA who will plan like your retirement is tomorrow. LEARN MORE ABOUT RETIREMENT PLANNING IN WISCONSIN...

James L. Hintzke, CPA’s commitment to YOU

At James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander, your business and financial problems are given individual, creative attention which is tailored to fit your needs. YOU are the most important person in our New Berlin and Rhinelander accounting offices and you deserve to have timely and competent attention paid to your affairs. Our New Berlin and Rhinelander CPA services are intended to complement your ability in your chosen field. James L. Hintzke, CPA is your partner, offering sound business and financial advice to help you cut through the red tape of the business and financial world.

Open communication is a vital factor in a successful client- professional relationship. At James L. Hintzke, CPA, our goal is to communicate with you in a manner that leaves you well informed and comfortable. I will personally meet with you and discuss your individual needs and objectives in order to understand each other completely.

All matters handled in my office are treated with strict confidentiality and the high standards of the accounting and tax profession Code of Ethics. No information about your affairs will ever be released from my office without your permission. Strict safeguards are enforced.

Contact James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander by calling 262-797-8442 (or 715-369-5492) today.
James L. Hintzke, CPA…


The PATH Act (Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act) was passed in late 2015, with many of its provisions becoming effective for tax year 2016. The PATH Act is perhaps, the most significant extender’s bill in recent memory, because it permanently extended several key tax provisions. LEARN MORE ABOUT POSSIBLE TAX BREAKS ON YOUR 2016 TAX RETURN.

New Berlin and Rhinelander CPA Jim Hintzke Specializing in Tax, Business and Elder Care Services in Wisconsin

James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander provides tax services, business services, retirement services, and ElderCare Services throughout Wisconsin. Everything you want in a Certified Public Accountant, integrity, expertise, accountability, and confidentiality is James L. Hintzke, CPA of New Berlin and Rhinelander. With over 30 years of practical business experience in handling tax and financial matters, you can depend on James L. Hintzke, CPA for accurate evaluations and impartial advice.

Wisconsin CPA Jim Hintzke Achieves Highest Level of Professional Accreditation

Wisconsin CPA Jim Hintzke has achieved the National Association of Enrolled Agents (NAEA) highest level status of tax representation as a Fellow.

Fellows of the NAEA’S National Tax Practice Institute™ have completed a rigorous three-year curriculum which has uniquely prepared them to effectively represent their clients before all administrative levels of the IRS. Having successfully completed course work covering examinations, audits, collections and appeals, and having studied best practices and role-playing, Fellows know the entire process from both the client and IRS perspective.

Learn more about your options by contacting the CPA with a knack for getting the IRS off your back™. Contact James L. Hintzke today.

          STOP wage garnishments and bank levies

          REMOVE or REDUCE tax penalties

          FILE tax returns for multiple tax years

          NEGOTIATE tax repayment settlements

          APPEAL unacceptable audit or collection outcomes

          RESOLVE Tax Identity Theft issues

          Out of State tax return issues

          AUDIT Representation